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Batman / The Shadow Color Sketch Cover original art

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Sometimes you see a sketch Neal does of a character and say to yourself,"Wow, that Swamp thing Neal drew was amazing. I wish he'd draw an issue." We hear that sort of thing a lot. Sometimes it's a character Neal has never drawn, or sometimes fans just want to see him return to a character (Like the new Deadman series Neal is doing). Well, here's a piece of art that is sure to make you say to yourself "Man, I'd love to see Neal draw an issue of The Shadow and Batman teaming up. You can bet yourself you'd see the classic Adams detective Batman and the Shadow would be just as cool as Batman. We can't offer that book because it doesn't exist, but we do have this amazing color art Neal did on a blank cover of Batman/ The Shadow. Looking at it, you can get a glimpse of what could be.

We can also ship direct to CGC or CBCS with the proper Documents to have this book slabbed. (You still pay them whatever the fees are) Just click on http://www.nealadamsstore.com/Have-your-book-sent-with-documents-to-CGC-to-be-cased-and-graded-as-Signature-Series_p_1317.html for CGC or http://www.nealadamsstore.com/Have-your-book-sent-with-documents-to-CBCS-to-be-cased-and-graded_p_1216.html for CBCS