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Green Lantern Green Arrow Hard Cover w/Green Lantern Sketch

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Do you know a Neal Adams Green Lantern Fan?

I have asked Neal to sign and personalize these copies of The Green Lantern Green Arrow Collection. Neal will write "To(your name here)" or "For(your name here)" and I will ship it to your door. We have a very limited amount of these books. I can provide these books at $800.00 each. As we run out of copies, the price may go up, so this is a limited offer. I've asked that Neal do a little sketch of a profile of Green Lantern OR Green Arrow along with the signature and dedication. He has agreed to do it.

It's got an original drawing inside it. No two are exactly alike.

We've run out of regular signed issues and all we have left is a few with drawings inside. Grab'em up now. We are almost out.

These books are sold out everywhere and people are selling them for over $875 without even a signature. We sell them for $800 with a drawing inside. IMPORTANT

Drop us an email to let us know what name you'd like in the dedication or he wont write it in.