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Looney Toons "Spaced Out" Page 4. Penciled by Robert Pope - Inked by Neal Adams (for fun)

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Looney Toons "Spaced Out" Page 4. Penciled by Robert Pope - Inked by Neal Adams (for fun)
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What is this page doing here? I was at a recent convention and on an artistís table, I saw stacks of pages, an artist you may know, his name is Robert Pope.                                                                       .

I love the pages, and I bought 20 of them. I know Iím crazy. I gave some of the pages to family members and other people at the studio to do with them as they wish, and to share the pleasure of his beautiful artwork. It occurred to me that I would like to ink one of the pages. So I did. And I must say that I did a good job. You may not agree, but I had great fun doing it, really, really great fun.

   However, for my own pleasure, since Iím going to ink another page or two for pure pleasure, I have nothing to do with the page I inked but to offer it for sale, which I am doing here. So, if youíre interested in getting a  Robert Pope Bugs Bunny page inked by Neal Adams, now is the time. Will I offer any others for sale as I do them? I donít really know. Did I have fun inking this page? I had a great darn time. If you buy it, I want you to know that. - Neal

(To be sure this is clear, Neal purchased this penciled page from Robert Pope, and chose to ink it himself. The page was not printed with Neal's inks.)

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