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Add a Silver Sketch - Drawn on a book you purchase here.

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The Silver Sketch on a book. Be sure to also purchase a book for this to go on. This is just for the sketch. It's been the big hit at conventions. While Neal is signing autographs on covers of comics, people have offered to buy a quickie profile sketch on the cover next to the signature. It has become a regular thing at shows. Now, we've gotten Neal's permission to give you the same offer at the same price. Buy purchasing this sketch, you can choose any book you are buying from our on line store, and Neal will sketch the appropriate character onto the cover like you see in the examples. Don't forget to buy a book when you buy a Silver Sketch. The drawing you get will be of similar quality and size as in the examples. For more detailed art, please see our Original Art Page. You must also purchase a book with this sketch.