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Art of Neal Adams - DELUXE with SKETCH 2

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So many people have written, during the first week of this book's release,asking for a more elaborate sketch in their book, that we've decided to make a second offer. You can order the $250 book with a profile sketch(see other items) or you can get a sketch with a little more going on. This would be more like a head and shoulders 3/4 view. (If you'd like a full figure, you can still write in for that. The cost would be $1000.) The Art of Neal Adams Deluxe Edition Signed with SKETCH It has been a favorite of serious Neal Adams fans, to get a copy of his books with a sketch inside. You can get a Batman Collection with a Batman sketch inside, a Deadman Collection with a Deadman sketch inside, and so on. This time around, Neal is offering something extra special. You get to pick your favorite character (that Neal has drawn in the past) and he will draw a 3/4 view sketch of him or her in the book for you. You can also choose a dedication (like "To Larry") if you'd like. Neal doesn't write a dedication unless it is requested. After you place your order for the book, drop an email to [email protected] stating what character and dedication you'd like in the book. The Art of Neal Adams Deluxe Edition comes signed and with a slip case. Also included is 16 full color Bonus Folio pages at the end of the book. In this section are more of Neal's own titles as well as Sports card art, more Savage paintings, and a 36 panel storyboard for a commercial involving a woman on a date who happens to be a super hero as well. 144 pages Full color plus 16 more full color pages - 9"x 12"pages. Never before has a book been done in this depth of Neal Adams' work. The Art of Neal Adams gives you a look at, not only your favorite art in Neal's history as an artist, but also a look at the art you never get to see, as well as some works that you'll be surprised you didn't know about. Beginning with Neal's work even before he was published, continuing on to his first professional work, on to his work as a comic strip artist drawing Ben Casey. You even get to see his photography which he used for reference in strip art. And that's just the first two chapters. Chapter three deals with comic art, and begins with his art in the WARP theater show. You get to see some of his work with National Lampoon just before you continue on with his work at Marvel and DC. In this section you will see classic art as well as lots of his newer work. You also get to see art he did for Batman Movie Licensing, and commercial work involving super heroes. Chapter 4 involves his work in Painting Barbarians and what we call "Savage Art." Of course, Neal talks a bit about composition and his thought process. Chapter 5 covers Neal's work in Movie illustration and design. To start with, there are the Martial Arts movie and magazine posters. But, as the designer of the book, Jason Spyda Adams says, "My favorite pages are page 68 and 69. They may well be my reason for wanting to put this book together. Everyone knows my father's work in Batman and Green Lantern, but some of the things he drew or painted to pay the bills are my favorite pieces he's ever done. Looking at these two pages makes me wish Robert Rodriguez would have him do all his posters." Childhoods End also makes an appearance in this chapter. Chapter 6 covers Neal's work in Horror and Sci Fi. Beginning with horror comics and magazine covers paintings, a look at his work on Monsters, and then onto the Sci Fi illustrations and a loo at some projects he did for the Sci Fi Channel. Chapter 7 brings us back to his own studio, Continuity, where you'll see his work in his own line of comics, Continuity Comics, and a lot of work you never get to see, The commercial work. His ad with Dick Giordano, The Adventures of ND Jones, a commercial storyboard involving The Addams Family, a look at what animatics are, Paintings for the Olympics, Fashion, Art for automobiles, and Neal's Worlds of the Future. Chapter 8 is sure to be a pleaser for those of you who want to see something you never got to see before. Theme Park design. Chapter 9 is called Humanity. It deals with issues of our world. 9/11, a view from without, and the Dina Babbit story