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Black Canary Motorcycle1 - 11"x 14"

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When Neal worked on the Green Lantern Green Arrow series, it would never be the same again. Suddenly, the characters were full of personality, expression, and a realism separating them from all other heroes. Not only did Green Lantern and Green Arrow bloom into dynamic characters because of Neal's work, but so did other characters, such as Speedy and Black Canary. Neal's Black canary was able to demonstrate a sense of a woman who could kick anyone's butt bare handed, but she managed to retain her personality, femininity, and vulnerability. No artist before or since has been able to match these qualities in the work. She remains a favorite of Neal's and he enjoys drawing her as much as he does GL or GA. This drawing was not only drawn by Neal, but colored as well. 11" x 14" 2 ply Cougar paper.