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Bucky O'Hare Coloring book

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For the first time ever, Michael Golden’s original pages of the Bucky O’Hare graphic
novel in its original form is printed in black and white and ready to COLOR!
Unaltered and PURE Golden! Green Rabbits, Orange Ducks, White Cats and Willy’s
Reddish-Brown hair! Oh, and Green Toads! Perfect for MICHAEL GOLDEN colorists
of ALL AGES…and for fans who remember the TOYS, ANIMATED SERIES and VIDEO
GAME! Also included, for the first time in decades, is an ALL-NEW STORY featuring ALL-NEW characters from the second year toyline. Characters like Pitstoppete and the Betelguesian Banana Runners and Toad Bombers! Learn how Pitstoppete became one the greatest and fiercest mechanic in the entire Aniverse…and COLOR THE ENTIRE ADVENTURE! This is a story no one in the United States has read and
continues the battle of the valiant S.P.A.C.E. heroes of the Righteous Indignation
against Toadborg and the evil Toad Empire!