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Demon Tower -Resin Model Kit

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This is the most complex sculpture by artist Jason Spyda Adams yet. It was designed knowing that the only way it could be produced is as a model kit. It is too complex to manufactured as a pre-painted statue. It'd be just too expensive to manufacture. The concept behind this sculpture was to throw in a dynamic scene from a battle where you are always discovering something new. Not simply a barbarian standing over the head of a dead dragon or any of the other sort of typical statues you might see. This one has much more going on in the moment and before and after the moment. The barbarian fights his way to the top of the Demon Tower where the guardians wait for him. Bursting his way through the trap door in the floor he must engage the guardians and close the trap door at the same moment. Spattered in his own blood and that of the demons he fights with sword and battle axe. The very walls of the tower begin to crumble away with the violent thrusts and slashes made by all combatants. The barbarian plunges his sword through the head of one demon, pinning it to the remaining wall and quickly leaps upon the larger guardian and breaking apart the stones beneath it's weight. Just as he is about to bring his axe down in a final death stroke, the trap door bursts open as a swarm of demons begin to flood through the opening. There are 12 parts to the kit. It is loaded with hours of fun for any kit builder. You could spend a week, easy, building and painting this one. The pride of any collection. As with any resin kit by Spyda, it comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Jason Spyda Adams which is shaped to size with the base so it can be mounted on the base. There's a lot of resin in this one.