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Have your book sent with documents to CBCS to be cased and graded.

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Please read carefully.
CBCS is a comic book certification and grading company offering impartial third party grading for comic books.
The way you usually get a book graded by them that has been signed by an artist is to have them witness the signature. Drawings on books work the same way. But there is another way to have this done.The book can be shipped directly from the artist to CBCS along with a signed document from the artist, stating that the artist signed the book for you, or drew on the book, or both. This must be sent by the artist, not by you.
  You do have to contact CBCS yourself to make them aware of the shipment and to pay CBCS their fee.
This purchase on nealadamsstore.com is only for us to send the book and the signed documents to CBCS for you. We have nothing to do with their charge. You have to arrange that with them. The person at CBCS to talk to is Matt Saltzman, who is a Authorized Witness for CBCS, and he will be happy to receive your email at [email protected] and receive the package from us. He will take it from there, and answer any questions. It is our understanding that they charge to grade and case the book and here is a $10 fee for the handler (Matt).

We can not promise any certain grade on any book since we are not professional graders.
Our fee is for the handling and signed document. CBCS will charge you their own fee for casing and grading your book.
Price is per book.
This offer is only for the comic size books we offer on our site.
If you have a CBVS number, please include it.