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Kitbuilders Magazine #58

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Amongst the many wonderful things in this issue you will find, there is a 4 page scale measure for a bodybuilder male figure for your use in sculpting by Jason Spyda Adams. Spyda also talks about making an armature from these drawings. Welcome hobby enthusiasts, modeling fanatics, collectors and fans to issue #58 of Kitbuilders Magazine. Through the years we here at KB have strived to create what we would consider the ultimate in modeling mayhem that we can create. Improvements to the venue have progressed and new talent added to the lineup as the pages began to swell into what can be best described as the most informative modeling magazine on the planet. Now that the framework has been established and the dust has settled; it is time to begin construction on the new design of KB. Kitbuilders Magazine is finally going “Theme-less”! Kitbuilders Magazine was the first magazine dedicated to the “Garage Kit” world and for many years we have carried the best in the modeling themes. From vampires to zombies, gargantuan beasts to girls; we have done our very best to blanket the garage kit world in living color. It is finally time to switch direction. For the benefit of the producers, artists, writers and readers we will now focus our coverage on what truly makes this hobby great. 100% originality! With our new “open category” we will be able to cover all the newest and greatest without the hassle of waiting until the right theme comes along. What does this mean to you the readers? It means that in every issue of Kitbuilders Magazine you will encounter an entirely open and free category of the greatest hobby to grace the modeling world. The writers will be able to freely choose the best subjects to help educate and entertain each and every one of you. From mysteries to the macabre, monsters to heroes. Imagine a world where every turn of the page will take on voyages through deep space or tumble you into the bowels of hell itself. All this and more await you in each 100 page full color journey through Kitbuilders Magazine!