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SOLD - Famous Panel Re-Creation from Batman #404

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Part Number:RSBM404PN
People are looking to buy Neal's Cover Re-Creations for his most famous stories all the time. They can be pretty pricey due to their actual value and the amount of work that Neal has to put into them. We do have some for sale here on the site. Getting him to draw a whole page over, would be just as expensive.
 What we thought we would try is asking him to re-create some of his most famous Panels from this most famous stories. These images can be every bit as Iconic as the covers themselves. And a bit more affordable.

  In this re-created panel from Batman #404 "Ghost of the Killer Skies", we have the scene when Batman stalks out to solve the mystery. This story combined Enemy Ace and Batman together and reads like an exciting 70's movie. A true classic
The art is done on 8.5" x 11" Canson acid free paper.