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Scorned - Painted Statue

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You find yourself in a graveyard at night. What ever your reason for being there, the daylight is gone now and it's time for you to leave. On your way out, or in the direction you hope would lead you out, you spot a woman in white. In fact, a wedding dress. What do you suppose she'd doing there, and at this late hour. Certainly she must be more frightened than you. Perhaps she needs your help, so you approach her quietly, hoping not to scare her. The closer you get, the more lovely her form is, and her head turned, allowing you a glimps of her smooth pale profile. Perhaps she is morning the death of someone she was to marry on her wedding day? Perhaps you can comfort her. Your heart beats faster as you reach out to tap her shoulder and offer to escort her out of this dark place. She turns, and you can see what she really is. You try to run, but you've been lured in too close, and the living dead is upon you. "If a sculpture is viewed from one angle only, in order to hold it's story or composition, then it might as well just be a flat painting. If you want to utilize all that sculpture has to offer, you should force the viewer around your art. Make them turn it, or walk around it, and re-discover it as it is viewed from all sides. Tell them a story by doing so. Or else you're not taking advantage of the medium." - Spyda Scorned is a statue designed to look like a lovely bride when you view her at one angle, and then, as you turn her, the horrible zombie is revealed. Scorned comes fully painted and assembled. She is 1/8th scale and stands at 9.75 inches tall.