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Teen Titans Cover Pencil Art

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DC  published 26 covers that pay homage to Neal Adams’ great covers of the past; classics from the 1960 and 1970’s. Neal was asked to take a cover from the past but change the characters to fit into the title of the book it will be a variant cover for. Neal has penciled each one of these 26 covers. The covers were then handed over to many of the Great inkers in our field. Some that have inked Neal from the past, like Tom Palmer, and some who have never had the chance to ink Neal like Frank Miller and Jim Lee. This is the original pencil to the cover of DC Comics “Teen Titans” penciled by the Legend himself, Neal Adams.  This  is quite a recognizable  composition From the famous  Cover and the original is 11” x 17”. The pencils on this variant cover month were scanned and sent to the inkers, while Neal held on to his original pencils. For those of you who are Neal Adams purists who prefer 100% untouched pencils by Neal Adams, this is a rare and wonderful item.   Now is your chance.  Mounted to the back of the art, we have attached a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Neal. Neal would also be happy to sign the front if you like.