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The $400 Special - Pick Any Character

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The $400 special is an item Neal came up with for conventions for those who didn't have a lot of money in their pocket. It is a smaller drawing but still very exciting and has been a big hit with fans.

The drawing is done on cream colored 8.5"x11" paper which has a frame approximately 8.5"x4.5" printed on it, with that character's symbol, which he draws inside of.

We have provided a lot o choices here. You have an opportunity at checkout to type a comment, which is where you put the number of the image you'd like. (example "A4") Scroll images for more choices!

We also offer to color the piece for you for an additional $400. Coloring is done by Zeea Adams with detailing by Neal. Zeea's work is far an beyond better than any other colorist out there, and even Neal has been heard saying she has gotten better than even himself. If you'd like to add color, email Jason Adams at [email protected] and he will arrange payment.

If you'd like a similar drawing to something you see, but on full 8.5"x11" white card stock, the price is $500-$600 and you can contact Jason for that as well.