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The Bronze Age Batman Brave & Bold Volume 1 Soft Cover signed by Neal Adams - Pre Order

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This book is probably 1/3 Neal Adams art printed in full color as it was originally printed. Click on the image gallery.
(We also have the Hard Cover Omnibus which has twice as any stories. Please check our other items)
456 Pages!
The late ’60s marked the height of Batmania, when fans of the television series and the comic books couldn’t get enough of the Caped Crusader. His appearances on covers meant higher sales, so it was decreed Batman would take up permanent residence in THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD. His courage was never questioned, and he fearlessly teamed up with the most daring partners from across the DC Universe at a time when such crossovers were rare.
These groundbreaking stories featured some of Batman’s greatest team-ups with such legendary characters as Wonder Woman, Flash, Deadman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, the Teen Titans and others, all by some of the foremost comics talent of the Bronze Age—Neal Adams, Jim Aparo, Bob Haney, Dick Giordano and Dennis O’Neil, to name a few.