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The Neal Adams Savage 2 Sketch Book - SIGNED

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The Neal Adams Savage Sketch Book 2 - SIGNED by Neal Adams After the response to the first Savage Sketch Book, it was easy to see, fans wanted even more. Now, Neal is providing it. This time he has included 8 color pages in the middle. The Neal Adams Savage Sketch Book II is packed with even more of Neal's fantasy illustrations. From Barbarians, to Jungle Kings, to Monsters, and even a panel by panel look at a Sinbad theme park story extravaganza. 8.5" x 11" 48 pages black & white, plus 8 color pages. ____OUTSIDE THE U.S.____ We use flat rate shipping envelopes which can fit up to any 6 sketchbooks into it. Shipping to just about anywhere outside the US is $16.95 but our system doesn't seem to accept for the flat arte envelopes. So if you are outside the US, you can contact us to ask us to send you a Paypal Money request for your order rather than using our store. We can save on shipping for you. Please be sure to check out our other sketchbooks. Shipping wont increase as long as we can fit your order into the envelope. Contact: [email protected]