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You've Been Spotted- Zombies -Resin Model Kit

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This is a 1/9 scale model in six parts. Unpainted. By sculptor Jason Spyda Adams. The moment in time this piece captures is the instant the Zombies spot you. You're walking through a graveyard on a creepy night. Just then you look up to your left when you hear a noise. You see 3 zombies devouring a grave digger. But just at that moment, they hear you too, as their eyes turn to see you. This kit is loads of fun to build and has been featured in Kitbuilders magazine as a sculpting article, and soon to be followed by a How to Paint article in a future issue. This is the first in a series of Zombie kits soon to come. It's brand new, so get yours while the molds are fresh. As with all of Spyda's kits, this comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.